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Powerbank 20000mAh - LED flashlight - solarpanel- wireless charging - black

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Solar Panel, LED Flashlight, and Wireless Charging powerbank 20000mAh

Battery bank charging: Electricity and solar power
Input for USB charging: 5V / 2A (supports fast charging)

USB 1: 5V / 2A (Supports Fast Upload)
USB 2: 5V / 2A Output (Supports Fast Charging)
Output USB 3: 5V / 1A
Wireless charging: 5V / 1A
Charging with electricity: It takes 7-8 hours to fully charge the battery bank
Solar panel: 2W
Charging with solar panel battery: 200mAh / hour
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery bank capacity: 20000mah
Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
Color: Black

 Length: 178mm
 Width: 97.5mm
 Thickness: 30mm
 Weight: 540g.

* Information on whether your phone supports wireless charging can be found in the phone specifications! (such as Iphone 8, Iphone 8 Plus, Iphone X)

Includes Battery Pack with solar panel 20000mAh (wireless function), LED torch (flashlight with different operating modes) and usb cable for charging battery bank with electricity.

Thanks to the rubber protective cover, the battery bank is both moisture and dustproof. USB1 and USB2 support high-speed charging, which allows you to load more bulky batteries such as tablets. Up to four devices can be loaded at a time!