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Electrical car for children "Range Rover" (white)

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soft wheels


Color: white


Remote control


The electric car can be controlled either by the remote control (by the parent) or by the child alone, sitting behind the wheel. With the remote you can drive back and forth, turn right and left and choose the speed.


The vehicle is generally designed for external use, but its ergonomic design favors and allows it to be used in larger rooms such as a terrace or living room. Ideal for children aged 1-6. Must not be left in direct rain!


Multifunctional steering wheel (music and other sounds can be selected from the steering wheel)


Vehicle Equipment:


- remote control
- Soft wheels
- Volume control
- MP3 slot
- 2 batteries (for remote control) - FREE
- Power switch,
- Charger (input 220-230 V);
- Seat belts
- Headlamp lights (can be switched on / off)
- Doors open (both)
- Door lock
- Illuminated speedometer
- 2 side mirrors
- 4 moves (front: fast and slow, back: fast and slow)
- Gas pedal
- Remote control / manual switch
- Instructions in English




Vehicle Specifications:


- 1 battery (battery) 12 V
- 2 motors 25 V
- Vehicle dimensions: 110cm x 69cm x 55cm
- Vehicle speed: 4-5 km / h
- Weight: 23 kg
- Average driving time: 1.5-2.5 hours
- Rear wheel drive,
- Maximum load up to 30 kg


This kit comes with simple instructions to assemble the car.