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Electrical car for children Police car (White) - soft wheels, leather seat

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Price: 295,00 € 390,00 €

Color: White

The vehicle is suitable for outdoor use (can not be left), patio or el. Ideal for children 1-6 years.

Engine: 2x45W
Battery: 1x12V7Ah
Transmission: 2 gears
Dimensions: 125 cm x 74 cm x 56.5 cm
Weight: 19.3 kg
Max. Load: 30 kg
Charging time: 8 hours
Duration: 1-2 hours


Vehicle Specifications:
Seat belts: ✓
Opening doors: ✓
Seat: soft leather
Shock absorbers: ✓
Wheels: Soft wheels (EVA)
Remote control: 2.4G
Lights: headlamps, dashboard
Sound: USB, microSD, MP3, Melody buttons on the steering wheel

Simple English instructions are provided with this kit to assemble the car.