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Electrical car for children BMW M6 GT3 (White) soft wheels, leather seat

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Car Model: BMW M6 GT3
Color: White

Engine: 2x45W
Battery: 12V7Ah
Gearbox: Autom.
Dimensions: 130cm x 64cm x 48cm
Max. Speed: 3-5 km/h
Curb Weight: 25 kg
Max. Load: 35 kg
Charging Time: 8 hours
Usage Duration: 1-2 Hour(s)
Brake: Automatic brake after releasing the gas pedal, Emergency brake from RC
Seatbelts: ✓
Openable Door: ✓
Keys: x
Seat: Miękka ekoskóra
Wheels: Soft (EVA)
Remote Control: 2.4G, 3-stopniowa regulacja prędkości
Lights: Dashboard, Headlights
Audio: USB, Bluetooth, Music Panel
BMW M6 GT3 Black - Electric Ride On The Car

Riding super fast car is a dream of almost each child. With our help you can make dream come true. If you think its impossible check out BMW M6 GT3 functions and you will change your mind.

We highly recommend BMW M6 GT3 because of innovative and perfect for hot days air conditional, music panel, 2.4G remote control with 15 m range. There is more. BMW M6 GT3 look exactly like full size car with sport seats, sport design and character.

This car is perfect for children between 3 and 6 years old and its easy in use for few year old child. Car can be ride by child using pedals and buttons on the dashboard same as by parents using 2.4G remote control. To allow your child control over car all you have to do is press foot switch button on the panel. Parents should not be worried because they still have control over car with remote control. If you wish to fully control car to ride it simply press remote control button marked with pilot picture to fully control the car.

Buttons on the R/C remote :

-arrows: ride forward/backward

-other arrows: turn right/left

-square: speed level

-semicircle: alarm break

-3 round indicators: gear 1,2 and 3

Inside car for children you can find only necessary element, that is characteristic intervention used during constructing sport cars. Few year old child will have comfortable and soft seat made out of ecological leather decorated with yellow details, connected with waist belt. Seat is approximately 35 cm wide, very comfy.

Another necessary element is rotary staring wheel with horn in the middle. You can tech your child about safety on the road and have load of fun at the same time. Next to the starring wheel you see indicators and two air conditional ventilation, music player, USB or Bluetooth. When battery is lower then 8V car automatically switch of. For more fun little driver can change gears to make fun more realistic.

This beautiful car have original licence consortium Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, which effect design, it look like real car. Under car hood there are two engine 45W and battery 12V7Ah. Car driving at speeds of 3 to 5 km / h. Car is fitted on the wheels made from special material called EVA known out of durability and quality. It also effect safe ride and comfort.

Sport BMW M6 GT3 id designed for all kids with maximum weight of 35 kg. Car have CE Certificate being a guarantee of meeting the requirements of the New Approach directives of the European Union. All materials used to made this model was tested and are safe. Electric card is packed with accessories in original cartoon box.

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