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Electric car Mercedes GLE 63S (black - painted) soft EVA wheels / leather

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The vehicle is suitable for outdoor use (should not be left in direct rain), but it can also be used in larger rooms, on the terrace or in the living room. Ideal for children from the age of 2 years. With soft wheels and leather seat!


Model: Mercedes GLE 63
Color: black - painted


Motor: 2x45W
Battery: 2x6V4.5Ah
Transmission: 2 gears (forward / reverse), 3 speed modes (slow, normal, fast)
Dimensions: 107cm x 68cm x 56cm
Max. Speed: 3-5km / h
Weight: 14kg
Max. Load: 30kg
Charging time: 8 hours
Duration of use: up to 1 hour

Seat belts: ✓
Opening door: ✓
Seat: leather seat
Wheels: Soft EVA wheels
Remote control: 2.4G, 3 speed mode selection (slow, normal, fast)
Lights: Headlights, Dashboard LEDs
Sound: MP3, AUX, USB, SD card


Simple instructions in English are included with this kit for assembling the car.

NB! For an additional fee, we also offer our assembly of the car. If you want our assembly, you have to pick up the car yourself. THE ASSEMBLED CAR WILL NOT BE SHIPPED BY COURIER! Assembly takes place with at least 1 working day notice and on the basis of advance payment! Assembly costs 25 euros (incl. VAT) which is paid on receipt of the car on site (our assembly must be noted in the comments when ordering!)

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