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Electric car Audi Q5 (red) 4x4 LCD - with soft wheels and leather seat - for two children

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soft wheels, soft seat, 4x4, LCD screen, painted body

The new large Audi Q5 electric car for two children.

soft wheels, soft seat, remote control, 4x4 and LCD screen!

Color: Red

* Licensed by AUDI

The vehicle is suitable for outdoor use (should not be left in direct rain), but it can also be used in larger rooms, on the terrace or in the living room. Ideal for children from the age of 3 years!


The well-known Audi Q5 is the type of car that is sure to grab everyone's attention. This car is a combination of dynamic, top-class style and true comfort. 4x4 ensures a pleasant ride for the child even on heavier terrain. The LCD screen entertains the passenger. The inside of the car has a comfortable, ecological leather soft double seat. The wide seats with headrests are large enough for the driver and passenger. Driving a car is very comfortable. On the steering wheel you will find the audi logo and two buttons - one activates the sound signal, the other plays the sounds.


The car is also great for small children. To start the car, simply press the button in the middle of the dashboard. Pressing the start button automatically activates the LEDs. Dashboard and tachometer impressions are on the dashboard. It seems very realistic and makes children feel like they are real drivers. Another interesting addition is the touchscreen LCD screen for playing music, comics or photos, which can also be easily read from the memory card. If your little one is bored, just turn on the FM radio, which remembers the last radio stations you listened to.


The color display has a built-in battery indicator. This feature is very useful when the car is used a lot. You will also find input for headphones, a microSD card port and a USB port.


Technical information:

- 2x12V 7Ah battery

- 4x45W motors

- maximum speed 3 to 5 km / h

- red

- Suitable for children over 3 years old

- 2.4G remote control

- maximum load 40 kg


With the remote control, the older car can also stop and steer left, right, rear and forward, as well as control the speed of the vehicle.


This battery-powered toy has a CE certificate, which is the manufacturer's approval, which means that the labeled product complies with the requirements of the European Union's New Approach directives.

Packaging dimensions: 148 cm x 81 cm x 43 cm

Weight: 38 kg


Car model: Audi Q5
Color: red color

Engine: 4x45W
Battery: 2x12V7Ah
Transmission: 2 gears (forward / reverse), 3 speed modes (slow, normal, fast)
Dimensions: 145cm x 93cm x 66cm
Max. Speed: 3-5km / h
Unladen weight: 33kg
Max. Load: 40kg
Charging time: 8 hours
Duration of use: up to 1 hours

Seat belts: ✓
Opening door: ✓
Seat: leather seat
Wheels: soft EVA wheels
Remote control: 2.4G, 3 speed mode selection (slow, normal, fast)
Lights: Headlights, Dashboard LEDs
Sound: MP3 AUX, USB, MP4 LCD screen, SD card


Simple instructions in English are included with this kit for assembling the car.


NB! For an additional fee, we also offer our assembly of the car. If you want our assembly, you have to pick up the car yourself. THE ASSEMBLED CAR WILL NOT BE SHIPPED BY COURIER! Assembly takes place with at least 1 working day notice and on the basis of advance payment! Assembly costs 25 euros (incl. VAT) which is paid on receipt of the car on site (our assembly must be noted in the comments when ordering!)

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