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Action mat "Zoo" 124x110cm

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Children's MATT "Zoo"


Our duvet consists of three layers:
- outer layer - soft fabric
- inner layer - soft polyester filling
- lower layer - cotton lining

Each mat has reinforced rollers on both sides to prevent the child from turning out of the mat.

The deck has 7 toys:
- Butterfly
- Giraffe
- Part
- Ball
- Owl
- Flower
- Heart

Each toy has its own function that enhances the child's visual and hearing development
Our soft mat is the perfect place for first games. If the floor itself is too hard, the mat is ideal for a young child and a safe play environment.

Carpet Specification:
Length: 124 cm
Width: 110 cm
Height: 53 cm
Inside length (without shafts): 103 m
Inside width (without shafts): 90 cm
Carpet diagonal: about 135 cm
Roll length: approximately 58-60 cm
Roll width: about 12 cm
Headband length: approximately 182 cm